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If you want to dive deep into Java programming and become a software developer, I recommend you to learn this Java course on Udemy. From versions 1.5, Sun introduces internal and external versions. Internal version is continuous from previous ones (1.5 after 1.4), but the external version has a big jump (5.0 for 1.5).

Oracle provides a rpm package so it is quite easy to install Java 9 on CentOS 7. A complete list of features in Java EE 8 is available here. The big news around Java EE, of course, is its move to the open source Eclipse Foundation.

Noteworthy API Updates: Stack Walking and Concurrency

Just-in-time compilers are fast, but Java programs have become so large that it takes a long time for the JIT to fully warm up, leaving some Java methods uncompiled and weakening performance. Ahead-of-time compilation is meant to address these issues. Modularity—in the form of the Java Platform Module System—divides the JDK into a set of modules for combining at run, compile, or build time.

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However, Java licensing began to get complicated when Oracle started to develop commercial features specifically for Java and make them available as separately licensed products – Java SE Advanced and Java SE Suite. In 2014, Oracle introduced a new desktop license – Java SE Advanced Desktop. Collection Factory Methods − New static factory methods for List, Set, and Map interfaces to create immutable instances of those collections.

Oracle Java 9 and 10 : Deprecated

Major versions were released after every 2 years, however the Java SE 7 took 5 years to be available after its predecessor Java SE 6, and 3 years for Java SE 8 to be available to public afterward. From the first version released in 1996 to the latest version 19 released in Sept 2022, the Java platform has been actively being developed for about nearly 27 years. Many changes and improvements have been made to the technology over the years.

The weekly early-access builds are available for anyone to test and review. Allows you to call native functions and access memory outside the JVM. Think C calls for now, but with plans for supporting java se 9 certification additional languages (like C++, Fortran) over time. These builds are free and unbranded, but Oracle won’t release updates for older versions, say Java 15, as soon as Java 16 comes out.