BTGuard Review and Speed Test Results

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Such a slow speed makes BTGuard practically unusable, also, their price is 2x higher than for PIA. So my 1Y BTGuard subscription was definitely a mistake, and btw, they denied to provide a partial for it (even pro-rated w/ monthly payment plan). And this is why Mac users should make use of BTGuard, especially for torrenting.

Ping immediately shot up to over 100 ms, while the download speed hovered just above the 50 Mbps mark. That’s exceptionally vague, and could be interpreted as either one connection or unlimited usage within the same location. Our guess is that users only get one connection at a time.


But even though the bandwidth was reduced, the connection was still very usable. I didn’t notice webpages loading more slowly than usual or YouTube videos buffering at a slower rate. Still, I lost almost half of my download speed for the Toronto comparison, and about 5Mbps with the Singapore test.

Plus, while btguard review 2020 allows torrenting on all of its servers, you still only get servers in 3 countries. The best torrenting VPNslike ExpressVPNand Private Internet Accesshave P2P servers in almost all parts of the world. That said, I find it hard to trust BTGuard’s no-logs policy because it was last updated in 2011. I think it’d be easier to trust this VPN if its no-logs policy underwent an independent audit to prove it doesn’t store user data.

Can I use BTGuard for free?

While it claims to keep no logs, the language used is a little too vague. Another complaint is that BTGuard doesn’t offer much in the way of support. You can find FAQs on the company’s website, but they aren’t very useful. We’ve picked up 64-bit encryption keys being used, which facilitate some dangerous attacks.

There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Customer support is critical to all businesses, so when a website is broken, or support is unavailable, it ruins their credibility. The ticketing system seemed to work ok when we checked it, but we didn’t submit a ticket. Some users reported that while the ticket system worked, they never got a reply from anyone at BTGuard.

BTGuard Features

That depends on many factors, including speed, customer service, and the ability to bypass geo-restrictions. To correctly test a VPN service provider you must test it multiple times and then average out the results. It requires the user to make use of OpenVPN software app, which is a third-party software, to connect to its three servers. However, one you get the .vpn files and configure them and install the OpenVPN app, then the matter of VPN connection is really easy. In such a situation, a decent VPN service provider would guide the users on how to get its service to work.

However, the same is true for any number of other providers. As long as they keep no user logs, they won’t be able to stop you from downloading whatever you want. BTGuard doesn’t even have a dedicated app, so it’s not like you’re going to see anything notable from their website or their servers.

I cannot attest to the proxy service as I have only used the VPN portion. I see some complaining about how you’re locked into a reoccurring billing cycle. Laziness to click a button when you’re finished doesn’t justify a complaint. On the positive side, the provider offers reasonably fast speeds, supports torrent downloads, and is protected by the highest level of encryption available.

VPN Comparison

The only way to get in touch with them is through a ticket system, via email. You can contact their sales department or their support department, depending on what kind of help you need. It often takes them quite a while to respond and the answers they provide may not always be helpful.

  • The VPN’s server network is small, and it fell far short of my expectations when it came to unblocking streaming services.
  • BTGuard is compatible with all major platforms and operating systems.
  • Most of the best VPN service providers offer live chat and 24-7 customer support.

As you can see from the screenshot above, BTGuard wasn’t able to provide reliable protection in our case. Even though a series of servers were detected in Canada (where this VPN’s servers are located), a number of servers from Greece were detected as well (which is where we’re located right now). With this said, we conclude that BTGuard leaks private data. As already mentioned, BTGuard doesn’t have its own applications. You should know that we’ve tested dozens of VPNs so far, both well-known and obscure ones. And with this said, we’ve found that BTGuard comes with the smallest server network yet.

Year plan

Still, it’s worth noting that Canada does have some personal data protection measures. More precisely, there’s a series of strong privacy laws in Canada, preventing commercial entities from collecting more than what’s needed. Nonetheless, we recommend exercising caution if you decide to use BTGuard. Before we start, you should know that BTGuard comes in two editions. You can use its proxy service if you want to anonymize your torrenting.

Then, using any other server won’t let you unblock Netflix either. While some users may not need more features than what BTGuard already provides, it’s hard to justify. At only a slight premium , users can get a VPN with significantly better security, performance, and torrenting support. Surfshark also offers the same security and privacy features as other top VPNs, including AES 256-bit encryption. With excellent P2P support and great security, Surfshark is another great choice for torrenting, browsing, and more. Thankfully, BTGuard still offers pretty solid support documentation and FAQs.

None of the platforms mentioned above are covered by a native application. Instead, you’ll either need to configure this VPN manually or via OpenVPN’s GUI. This means using a third-party solution to interact with this VPN and connect to its servers. At this price, BTGuard has a similar cost to other leading VPNs — and that’s with significantly fewer features. Even when long-term subscriptions offer slightly cheaper monthly rates, even the best VPNs still come at only a slight premium. While BTGuard requires manual setup on every device, the setup process is extremely straightforward thanks to easy-to-follow setup instructions.

However, I experienced very little speed loss compared to my normal connection. BTGuard is designed for torrenting with P2P-friendly servers. Given the VPN’s limited features, its prices are not enticing.

Although there were some suspicions in the past regarding whether this claim was true, further inquiries have shown that there is nothing to worry about. They are truly transparent when it comes to their privacy practices and deliver on their promise when it comes to keeping no logs of your activity. Your comment will be checked for spam and approved as soon as possible. This sounds like a very outdated VPN in terms of protocols and security.

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BTGuard has multiple subscription options for you to choose with same features and the longer time period you choose, the better the deal gets. If you want to just try it first, it’s better to have the one month plan. I don’t get it I have been using BTGuard VPN for the last two months and its rock solid hasn’t crashed once, it never goes down and is safe.

It’s a recurring theme, as they don’t have a blog, an About Us page, or anything describing the company, the ownership, or plans for their future online. Even their Twitter page is neglected, having been inactive since May 2009. ReplyThis service used to provide very good speeds, but in the past few months, it’s plummeted to almost unusable levels. In fact, it looks like a website from 2003 that hasn’t been updated . Furthermore, troubleshooting can be difficult due to the minimal help information on the website and it’s accompanying wiki style help guide.